Summer Garden Granny Square Blanket

In December 2011 I happened to come across THIS. I was immediately hooked. I was obsessed. Before coming across that one blanket, I not once had the desire to crochet anything. I didn’t even knit anything for the past 10 years.

Over the next few days I signed up on Ravelry. I read through the pattern time and time again trying to figure out if I could do it. For the first time in 10 years I looked at yarn. I obsessively studied crochet tutorials on YouTube.

On January 5, 2012 I finally took the plunge. I had my yarn, I had my crochet hook, the pattern nicely printed out on my side and YouTube crochet tutorials on standby on my laptop.

For the next week, I swore worse than a drunken sailor. I’m sure I sprouted a gazillion white hair. I tossed the work aside a gazillion times. I did not know what possessed me of ever thinking I could do it let alone enjoy it. I became *this* close of giving up.

I’m a very stubborn person. Turns out that in this instance, it was a very good thing because I couldn’t let it win, I HAD to beat it and I HAD to figure it out. And I did.

After a week of trial and error (definitely more error), I managed to finish my first granny square:

 photo 388881_10150547025311096_401289700_n_zps657e52bf.jpg

About 6 months later and just in time for my mom’s birthday, I finished the blanket!

 photo aggie_630a_medium2_zps28a691d4.jpg

 photo IMG_4683_medium2_zps45361d76.jpg

 photo IMG_4665_zpsfb79ab35.jpg

 photo IMG_4694_medium2_zpsb21f04f4.jpg

My mom was ecstatic. Mission accomplished!

If I’m ever going to do this pattern again, I’ll stick to less colors and will probably make all the squares identical instead of making every square different. Considering this is my first crochet project ever, I’m mighty pleased. I’m also officially hooked – I enjoy crocheting now!

Pattern 1: Summer Garden Granny Square
Pattern 2: Granny Blanket Edging
Yarn: Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK
Hook: 4 mm


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