Hexagon Love

I had a fair bit of white and hot pink yarn left from the Summer Garden Granny Square Blanket and when I saw THIS, I couldn’t resist. I ended up buying some more of the wisteria and shell pink to mix it up and decided to make myself a blanket consisting of wee tiny flowers. They really are just little tiny hexagons πŸ˜€

 photo IMG_5694a_medium2_zps7f57ed5d.jpg

My sock yarn leftovers also started to pile up and so I decided to take the plunge last night and start a The Beekeeper’s Quilt. HEXAPUFFS! So squishy! Hexapuffs are made from fingering weight sock yarn.

 photo pickleschristmas1029a_zps5d9f5179.jpg

I might be slightly crazy πŸ˜€ Both are side projects with no time limit whatsoever but they are great if I just have a few minutes to sit down or to take with me on the bus. It only takes me about 5 minutes to make one of the flowers and about 30 minutes to make a hexapuff. Also – They are just too cute for words! I’m also pretty sure that the end result will be absolutely mind blowing so I don’t mind being patient.


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