I love OWLS and so I love anything OWL.

I had some cotton yarn left from a previous project and was looking for something suitable to make and came across a pattern for an owl dishcloth. I AM IN LOVE! I might have to make myself an entire blanket out of a bunch of these.

 photo 197350_10151520660361096_2121655919_n_zpsc646881c.jpg

I also found a pattern for an Octopus dishcloth. Octopus and dishcloth… it oddly enough seems like a perfect combo.

 photo 528452_10151520666521096_1345664474_n_zpsc8cde027.jpg

And finally, I asked hubby what kind of dishcloth he’d love. A moose. Talk about random. Picture is awful, the colors are actually a nice baby blue, navy blue and lime green. I would take a better picture except that it’s already in use now. The original plan was to do both borders in baby blue and the center in lime green. Of course I ran out of lime green half way through and then ended up running out of baby blue as well and had to bring in a 3rd color but since the goal was to use up scraps, it’s only fitting.

 photo pickleschristmas_1149a_medium2_zps08cba392.jpg

All 3 patterns are by Mamafri/CreaWelten on Ravelry. Patterns are in German.

I have just enough yarn left to do a navy blue/beige one and I think we’ll do the shark one.

Also happy news – I won a SIGNED copy of “Seven Wonders: The Colossus Rises” by Peter Lerangis. I won it through HarperCollins Canada (contest on FB). Books always make me happy. Signed books make me bounce up and down.


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