I love OWLS and so I love anything OWL.

I had some cotton yarn left from a previous project and was looking for something suitable to make and came across a pattern for an owl dishcloth. I AM IN LOVE! I might have to make myself an entire blanket out of a bunch of these.

 photo 197350_10151520660361096_2121655919_n_zpsc646881c.jpg

I also found a pattern for an Octopus dishcloth. Octopus and dishcloth… it oddly enough seems like a perfect combo.

 photo 528452_10151520666521096_1345664474_n_zpsc8cde027.jpg

And finally, I asked hubby what kind of dishcloth he’d love. A moose. Talk about random. Picture is awful, the colors are actually a nice baby blue, navy blue and lime green. I would take a better picture except that it’s already in use now. The original plan was to do both borders in baby blue and the center in lime green. Of course I ran out of lime green half way through and then ended up running out of baby blue as well and had to bring in a 3rd color but since the goal was to use up scraps, it’s only fitting.

 photo pickleschristmas_1149a_medium2_zps08cba392.jpg

All 3 patterns are by Mamafri/CreaWelten on Ravelry. Patterns are in German.

I have just enough yarn left to do a navy blue/beige one and I think we’ll do the shark one.

Also happy news – I won a SIGNED copy of “Seven Wonders: The Colossus Rises” by Peter Lerangis. I won it through HarperCollins Canada (contest on FB). Books always make me happy. Signed books make me bounce up and down.


Buffalo Hat

Boo is also known as the “Tiny yellow buffalo” as she’s very much built like one – Giant hairy shoulders, wee tiny waist.

Needless to say, I HAD to make her a buffalo hat. HAD TO.

 photo 13907_10151509749231096_719177423_n_zps0ce7dc66.jpg

She’s thrilled with it and so am I πŸ˜€

Main part is the same like in the Queen Hat, I just added horns instead of a crown and braids.

Horn Pattern


Worsted weight yarn (horn color)
4 mm crochet hook
Darning needle
Material to stuff the horns (I used the extra yarn I cut off when I made the braids for her Queen hat, nothing gets wasted here :D)

Make 2:

  1. Magic loop, 4 sc into loop (4 st)
  2. 2 sc in each st (8 st)
  3. 1 sc in each st (8 st)
  4. 1 sc in each st (8 st)
  5. 2 sc in first two st, 1 sc in rest of st (10 st)
  6. 1 sc in each st (10 st)
  7. Repeat rows 5 and 6 until you’ve reached the desired length, end off but leave a strand long enough to sew onto hat… weave in beginning end, stuff horn, sew to main part, weave in end.

Again, if you’re going to crochet a hat, please consider making a donation to Boo’s rescue (they spent well over $2500 for her care thus far): Bully Buddies. Thank you!

I have visions of Easter bunny hat, unicorn hat and pig hat (she’s also known as “Trufflepig”) but that will have to wait as I’m about 2/3 done now with my Manta Hueco Zig Zag blanket and hope to finish it within the next two weeks.

Chihuahua Queen Hat – Pattern

Given Boo’s age, some of her personality traits (not fond of other dogs/cats) and her heart murmur, she’s having a bit of a hard time finding her forever home especially since unfortunately there’s a gazillion other dogs sitting in shelters and rescues. Most people will sadly just overlook her so key is to try and put her in the spotlight so somebody will notice here. Silly pictures are a good way to get people’s attention.

My latest attempt:

 photo queenb_zpsb5c41af9.jpg

A hat fit for a Chihuahua Queen! Admit it – It made you laugh! Don’t you love her long braided locks? Her crown? The only thing that would have made this better would be fake gemstones attached to the crown.

It’s only the second time I’ve come up with my own pattern and I’m quite thrilled the way it came out! I even took notes so I can re-create it and share πŸ˜€ I wrote it so that it makes sense to *me* – I hope it makes sense to you too! If you try it, please let me know how it worked out!

Chihuahua Queen Hat – Pattern

It was custom made to fit Boo, she’s a Chihuahua and weighs 5.5 lbs


Main color – Worsted weight yarn in a color that closest matches your dog’s coat
Secondary color – Worsted weight yarn for crown
5.5 mm hook
Darning needle
Measuring tape

Main part of hat (Main color):

  1. Magic loop, 10 hds into loop, sl st into first to join (10 st)
  2. Ch2, 2 hdc in each st, sl st in top of ch2 to join (20 st)
  3. Ch2, *1 hdc into st, 2 hdc into next st*, sl st in top of ch2 to join (30 st)
  4. Ch2, 1 hdc in each of the next 4 st, ch 16, skip 6 st, 1 hdc in each of the next 9 st, ch 16, skip 6 st, 1 hdc in next 4 st, sl st in top of ch2 to join (50 st)
  5. Ch2, 1 hdc in every st, sl st in top of ch2 to join (50 st)
  6. Β Ch 2, 1hdc in every st, sl st in top of ch2 to join (50 st)
  7. Ch2, 1 hdc in every st, sl st in top of ch2 to join (50 st)
  8. 1 sl st in the next 14 st, 1 hdc in the next 22 st, 1 sl st in the next 14 st, sl st into first sl st to join (50 st)
  9. 1 sl st in the next 14 st, 1 hdc in the next 22 st, 1 sl st in the next 14 st, sl st into first sl st to join (50 st)
  10. Cut yarn and pull through, weave in both ends.

Braids (Main color):

  1. Cut 24 x 24 in strands of yarn (12 strands per braid)
  2. Fold strand in half and weave into darning needle at closed end.
  3. Starting on the 11st from the seam at the back, work over the next 6 st to pull the 12 strands in total through (2 strands per st), pull strand through, put both open ends through the lop and tighten.
  4. Divide all strands into 3 x 8 and braid. Tie a tight knot and cut off end at desired length.
  5. Repeat for second braid.

Crown (Secondary color, worked in back loops):

  1. Ch 52, sl st into first to join circle (make sure not to twist chain), leave long tail to sew on later (52 st)
  2. Ch1, 1 sc in each st, sl st into ch1 to join (52 st)
  3. Ch1, 1 sc in each st, sl st into ch1 to join (52 st)
  4. Ch1, 1 sc in st, *1 sc in st, 1 dc in st, ch4, sl st into 4th ch from hook, 1 dc in st, 1 sc in st* repeat around, sl st in top of ch1, end off, weave in end.
  5. Sew crown onto main hat part using the long tail from the beginning

Optional (Main color):

If the hat doesn’t stay on the dog you can try the following – Attach yarn to hat underneath each braid, ch 50, end off, weave in ends. You can use these to gently tie together underneath the dog’s neck.

If you’re going to crochet a hat, please consider making a donation to Boo’s rescue (they spent well over $2500 for her care thus far): Bully Buddies

Zombies & Crochet

Is there anything better than watching The Walking Dead while you crochet away? I don’t think so. The only thing that could have sweetened the deal would have been to have chocolate in the house. I settled for the next best thing – Cookie Dough Tea that my lovely friend Danielle surprised me with about two weeks ago.

I was working on my Manta Hueco Zig Zag blanket

 photo pickleschristmas782a_zps4e3b000b.jpg

I absolutely LOVE this pattern (you can find it here)! So simple yet the effect is mind-blowingly beautiful. It’s a good thing I already promised it to somebody or I’d turn into a blanket hoarder.

I started it about a month ago and with all the other little projects going on, it still managed to grow to a good size – It currently stands at 55 x 40 inches. I’m using up the leftover yarn from my Granny Stripes Blanket. I “stretched” the yarn a bit by crocheting every 5th row in white. End size will be determined by how far the leftovers will take me but I figure it’ll be around 65-70 in x 55 in and to that I’ll add a small border in white.

Now speaking of zombies…. Meet Boo, one of my two current foster dogs:

 photo 524015_399228366755806_881320258_n_zps7878100a.jpg

She was abandoned almost a year ago. She was in really rough shape due to a giant inguinal hernia but she pulled through and is doing really well! The vet estimated her to be about 15 years old when she was found which would make her about 16 now. She’s a character and makes us laugh all the time. Her tongue is always sticking out and she’s completely blind in one eye so we’re joking and say we have our very own little walker πŸ˜‰

If you live in British Columbia and are thinking of adopting a dog, please consider giving a senior dog a home. Boo is up for adoption through Bully Buddies. You can read more about her on her Petfinder profile.